When can I expect delivery for an order placed online?

We will endeavour to fulfil your order as quickly as we can, so please leave access available to your oil tank as soon as you have placed your order. Our standard delivery time for online orders is within 3 working days but can vary with increased demand/bad road conditions as a result of severe weather.

How can I tell how much oil has actually been delivered?

Our driver will leave a docket printed by the tanker's meter, which will display the exact amount delivered in standard litres on the blue copy of the docket.

Do you deliver through house or with a minitanker?

No, we do not deliver through house, where the hose must enter via the front door nor can we fulfil deliveries that require a minitanker.

Is your phone/online price the same?

Yes, we keep our prices as fair and competitive as possible and always quote the same price online as by phone.

How do you collect payment for my online order?

When you place an order with us online, your payment is securely processed by GlobalPayments, trusted by more than 3.5 million businesses worldwide.

What happens if I pay for my online order, and my tank doesn't hold the full amount?

Your credit/debit card will be refunded for any difference in cost, at the most appropriate litre rate for the amount delivered. This may take 1-2 business days to appear back depending on your bank.

What are your Terms & Conditions of Sale?

Click here to read our Terms & Conditions, and to view our Privacy Policy.

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